Feb 4, 2010

Mistress of the Game by Tilly Bagshawe was the Lousiest Book I've Read!

Finally, I finished reading Sidney Sheldon's book sequel, Mistress of the Game, this time authored by Tilly Bagshawe. After reading, let me just say I wanted to throw the book at the trash. I was a huge Sidney Sheldon fan. I've read all of his books and Master of the Game was my all-time favorite. I know the characters by heart and I've read the book again and again. With Sidney Sheldon gone, I was ecstatic to find out that there's a sequel but only it's written by a different author. Actually, the author acknowledged that she's a big fan of Mr. Sheldon, too, and she was honored to be asked to write a sequel to the story. But I didn't like the outcome of the book. It was way too violent and too sadistic for no reason at all.

(Spoiler Alert!)

Sidney Sheldon also showed a lot of violence in his book but it was done with a reason. But with Tilly Bagshawe, I didn't like her style. Heck, she even ruined the first part of the story by killing the beloved Alexandra Blackwell while giving birth to her second child. Not contented, Ms. Bagshawe turned Alexandra's good-natured psychiatrist husband, Peter Templeton, into a hopeless drunkard after Alex died and later, even tried to shoot his own son with a gun just because he was close to his mother and sister. The son, Robbie, who was a good pianist and was shown in Master of the Game as the possible successor of Kruger-Brent later renounced his right from inheriting the fortune & chairmanship of the company. He grew up a drug addict and later turned into a faggot. His sister, Lexi Templeton, was kidnapped at the age of 8, was raped and lost her hearing due to bombing during her retrieval. Her brother transferred the will to Lexi & was molded to become K-B's future chairperson. Lexi, the mistress of the game of the story loved her work so much but privately, had a promiscuous sex life.

Tilly Bagshawe made the family looked twisted and erratic and she made everybody connected to the Blackwell empire cursed. Sidney Sheldon never made a story like that, most especially for his heroine. TB made Lexi looked like Paris Hilton with strings of relationship and with lots of sex scandals. As far as I could remember, Sheldon's heroine who were business magnates didn't indulged in a scandalous sex life, unless of course the heroine was a model or a movie star. Ms. Bagshawe did not spare any character from this book from stupidity, humiliation and tragedy. She loved to sensationalized the tragic moment of the character's life. Just like Lexi's distant relative Gabe Mcgregor, who's family were all slaughtered including his very pregnant wife. All people working with the Blackwells had a series of unfortunate events, too.

And what's more horrific in this book was how the author bravely described the incestuous relationships of Kate Blackwell's descendants (Eve and Alexandra's children turned lovers!!). She even made Eve's son, Max Websterm, a killer at a tender age of 10 by killing his own father! I don't know what sort of things came out from the author's mind. She must be loving violence so much that she didn't spare anyone. In Sidney Sheldon's books, the endings are always the good conquering the evil. But in Mistress of the Game, the story ended with everyone defeated and even the powerful Kruger-Brent was shattered to bankruptcy and Lexi, a fugitive. And how the heck did Eve Blackwell, who's already very old, knew all of her niece's activities, to think she locked herself most of the time in her room? She was already deranged yet the police took her word against Lexi. What a stupid book and how stupid of me to continue reading. I should've stopped in the middle of the book. I only tried to finish it to see how the story went but the author didn't justify anything. It was probably better off if she'd rejected the offer because she can never be in league with the late Sidney Sheldon.

Tilly Bagshawe said that she hopes all Sidney Sheldon's fans will enjoy her book as much as we enjoyed reading Mr. Sheldon's book. Well, she's definitely wrong. I hate her book and I'll be glad to get rid of it. This author should stop dreaming of filling Mr. Sheldon's shoes and concentrate in doing her own work.



i am very disappointed with the sequel.tb spoilt the origial way in every possible way.is she really out of her mind?how could write things like these.i hate this as much as u do..i completely agree with u pepper..


I totally agree with this post. I am in the middle of the book and I am soo irritated. I think I am returning this to the library tommorow.


it sucked to the core.. this female literally killed every1 and widout any explanation... and ending was so stupid and abrupt it felt like god knows how many more sequels to come!!! there are so many loose ends.. she indeed managed to shock every1 but mainly wid disappointment.. can we pls ask sum1 to give us better sequel to it so we can sleep in peace!!! i am disappointed to the core.


mistress of d game sucked!!!!!!......it was nowhere near sheldon's work.....tilly bagshawe tried to copy sheldon's style of writing...but could not copy his genius....frm beginning to end d book was a series of loose ends...peter templeton turning crazy at alexandra's death n rob turning gay....lexi kidnapped nd raped as if nthing gud could happen to d family......out of nowhere gabe mcgregor emerges...goes to jail nd suddenly becomes an angel after taking one guidance lecture frm some marshall fellow....(i've even frgtn d names of d characters..hw lame was dat boook...n am pretty gud at remmembering names especially characters).....i just cud nt understand wat was bagshawe trying to do wid eve and max was she trying to pull a sons n lovers act or wat....i mean i felt lyk puking totally!!!!!!!........leaving his readers supriesd n thrilld was sheldons trademark but unfrtunately bagshawe screwed it up.......d biggest dissapointment was d ending.......eve came out a winner after everything.........even after dying....master of d game was my fav sheldon novel....and bagshawe messed it up.......


What a load of trash!! I was so happy to find a sequel to the book, and ordered it and couldn´t wait for it to arrive. I am disappointed and so shocked at the story. The storyline doesn´t flow and I am mixed up with the characters. Where the hell did Gabe come from?? How could TB kill off Alexandra, and why have Lexi raped at 8 years old??? All the characters seem to have turned into crazy perverts!!! I can´t believe that someone has managed to totally destroy Sidney Sheldon´s fantastic work. The story was destroyed in the first chapter!!!! I have only just reached the middle of the book, and will NOT be reading anymore.
R.I.P. Sidney Sheldon. We love you ♥

Rishabh Dangwal

I am a long time Sheldon fan and I actually picked up this sequel recently with the sky is falling. and I am extremely disappointed with TB. the novel is sadistic and I had a decent urge of shredding the piece of trash and throwing it out of window after first 100 pages. TB poorly tries to copy the trademark style but fails to join the already shattered plot with obvious plot outcomes.
the worst of the worst, it wasted my 100 bucks and 2 hours of my life, its so miserable that I didn't even complete it.



I totally agree that the sequel written by TB is not up to the mark and I request her not to even think of writing sequel to any of Sidney Sheldon's novels. My comment on the novel is " A sheer waste of time".

Louis E.

Back in 1987,Sheldon told me to drop dead when I asked if he'd let me write a MOTG sequel (I'd mentioned his sloppiness too much,perhaps,in offering to tie up loose ends,on whatever terms he wished).

I now learn that this sequel,extremely different from what I had in mind,exists...but I won't be reading it.


i am angry with harper collins long time publishers of sheldon work. How could they publish this THING and what my anger worse was that it is called sidney sheldon mistress of the game. A GOOD EFFORT AT DEFAMING HIS NAME & WORK.


Hi guys, I've only read bits of this book so maybe I shouldn't talk, but I was quite disappointed with it.
I had enjoyed "Master of the game" and didn't even know there had been a "sequel".
I have to admit the writing style resembles Sheldon's, although some passages are ridicolous and embarrassing at most (I came across the seduction scene between Max and Lexi: urgh!)

Anyway, I was interested in knowing what had happened with Eve, and I was hugely disappointed to see she had barely a handful of scenes in the book. Her motherly side - so to speak - could have been quite interesting, yet basically she disappears after the first half.

I was half-hoping she would somewhat regain her good looks (I keep wondering, was this really IMPOSSIBILE, even in the 80's or 90's? Come on) and be back in action, and although she did, I felt there was too little of her in the book.

I was startled to read about Peter Templeton. What?

I quickly lost interest in the "new generation" of children and relatives, I read very little about them, but I have to say I got to dislike Lexi so deeply I wasn't surprise Eve loathed her so much. Lexi looked like Paris Hilton indeed, I found her as dislikeable as possible (stupid, arrogant, promoscuous), but not in the good twisted way other characters in "Master of the game" used to be. I couldn't care less with whom she slept all throughout the book.