Feb 9, 2010

File Sychronization

I have several files in my laptop and also in my PC and most of the time, I usually have to backup these file in case I might delete some accidentally. But there were some disadvantages I encountered while making backups this way, coz whenever I would update my files, I would have to manually copy hese files to my backup folders, too. It would've been easier if both files were automatically updated. But thanks to the sync software, backing up of files has never been more easier. File synchronization is a process of making sure that files in two or more locations are updated through certain rules. File Sync is a folder and file synchronization software that is free for noncommercial usage.

File Sync is commonly used for home backups on external hard drives or updating for transport on USB flash drives. This also prevents copying already identical files and can save considerable time from a manual copy and less error prone. This is also very useful for mobile workers or anybody who works on multiple computers because it is possible to synchronize multiple locations by synchronizing them a pair at a time.

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