Jun 15, 2010

Books, Books, Books...

I've been planning to read The Hobbit 2 weeks ago but until now I have not yet scanned even the first page. I read, instead, another sci-fi book but I seem to get tired reading it. The highlight of the story took so long to happen that I somehow lose interest. I dunno where this story is going. I guess I'm going to read again one of Sidney Sheldon's books. I've always been fascinated of his novel and I don't mind reading his works all over again. I found Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga interesting to read, too, even though I've read it all last year. I don't know if other vampire stories are as interesting as Twilight because I thought of buying it. Guess I'll just ask my bookworm friends for a recommendation so that I will not be wasting my money - if ever.