Jun 9, 2010

Pissed Off Part 2

I'm a bit pissed off these days... I've been trying to help others over some things lately. I even spent bucks sending messages or calling them over the phone just to inform about the necessary things that we need. I also scanned documents and sent them over to their emails and it was fine with me even I was not credited for it. But what pissed me off is when they do things and didn't include me at all. I've been generous and this is all I get? I'm not really asking for a payment here. Even if they have a hard time including me in their hidden agenda, at least they should've informed me that they went ahead without me. I'm easy to talk with but I hate people who are ungrateful. We were supposed to be a group and I've been helping them a lot. When it's my turn to asked them for help, I just learned that they have secured their ass without me and no one even thought to include me of their lists!!! $%#@*!+#*!!!!

One even told me that we would go together if both our schedules met but I've learned just this morning that this person went ahead without me already. I cannot think of any reason except maybe this person thought I was a competition for some reason. I hope they won't see it that way or as a threat because that would be stupidity. I don't know why this suddenly popped into my mind but I can't think of any (there's a history behind that). But I've been counting how many times I've been bypassed lately. I guess it's not really nice to be super generous and extra nice at all. I don't like this but I think I'm going to be greedy next time or starting today! I'll only help people who are sincere, grateful and not a back-stabber...People who are worthy of my helping hand...