Jun 26, 2010

Cough It Out!

After getting a cold, I'm having a cough this time. I had a hard time sleeping last night because of my dry cough. I already drink plenty of water days before and I thought I was going to be okay instead, my health condition now worsens. I guess this is due to abrupt change of weather or perhaps my resistance is just weak. I know I should take a lot of Vitamin Cs these days but I think it's quite a little too late now.

I'm very sleepy but I can't sleep because my cough gets in the way. I plan to go to my doctor today however she's not available as she's having a meeting now. I just called at her clinic, gave my concern to her secretary and thankfully, they called me back and I was given a prescription med for the cough. My husband bought it awhile ago and I took one tablet right away. I hope this will lessen the discomfort that I've been experiencing since last night...