Jun 25, 2010

Stylish Eyeglasses

My husband had his eyes checked if it needs to be upgraded or not. He wore glasses since his high school days and up to now that he is already working. Lately, he's been complaining of headache and his vision gets blurry at times. He decided to seek an ophthalmologist and confirmed that he needs to purchase new glasses because his vision is different now compared before. He was scouting recently for a nice and affordable eye wear that will also suit to the shape of his face. I then browsed the internet and told him about one interesting site that offers good quality, affordable and stylish prescription eye glasses. At Zenni optical, they have a complete eye glasses that starts at $8 only!

They also offer Bi-Focal eyeglasses from, progressive eyeglasses, premium photochromic glasses (clear indoors, darkens in bright light).

With every order you receive from them, they guarantee high quality stylish frame, thin and light 1.57 index lens, anti-scratch coating, full UV protection, lens edge polishing and beveling, quality hard eyeglass case and microfiber lens cleaning cloth.

My husband now decided to purchase one from them. If you're also interested, visit their site to learn for more. Their shipping & handling only costs $4.95 for the entire order regardless of their cost. So, do it now!