Jun 24, 2010

Eclipse Movie Full Trailer

I can't wait to see Eclipse, the 3rd installment of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. This will be shown next week, on June 30, and I think I will definitely watch this movie. I was addicted to the book and I remember how I came to love reading it when I was on book 3 already that I cannot wait to get hold of the 4th book. I wonder how will they interpret this story again. As I've seen from the trailer, the Volturi's were given more exposure in the movie compared to the book. But still, I was in awe to watch the full trailer. I can hardly wait to see how the vampires and the werewolves combined their forces together to fight the flesh-eating or baby vampires. *** (Warning: Spoiler) Plus the part where Edward proposes to Bella!