Jan 26, 2011

Great Old Times

I'm fond of reading articles especially back issues because I've learned a lot from the people, old places and events of the past. I am even an avid reader of other book magazines that I decided to subscribe yearly. When I happen to browse the internet, I usually check what's the latest news, then the past events to compare with the present. I am just so thankful that there is times digital archive because it helped me a lot in finding the articles that I wanted to see. They have all the events listed and even with the sought-after celebrity before, they have all the recorded documents that I sometimes feel like I was really there. They even have a detailed story about the war and what transpired during those dark moments. And if you want to see the obituary of the rich and the famous that have long been gone, you can see it from the archive. It's really nice to go back to old times because it helped me understand present. It's good to know the previous history because we can learn a lot from them, we can learn from the past mistake and we can get a very good lesson from there, too!