Jan 17, 2011

Megan, Is That You?

When you say the name Megan Fox, what comes to my mind is the actress oozing with sex appeal. She was noticed for her role in Transformer 1 until she was known for being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, even comparing her with Angelina Jolie. She was a hot chick in Transformer 2 and Jennifer's Body.

However, I've noticed a lot of changes in her. She looked different in Transformer 1 compared to T2. I fear that she's one of those celebrities who is so obsessed with surgery that even though they are already beautiful, they are not contented with the way they look. Her latest appearance was during the Golden Globe Awards and I almost did not recognize her. She looks so matured and I think she's done something to her face again. I hope this addiction of hers will be stopped or she might regret it later. She still look lovely but there is something in her that has changed. She's already beautiful and I hope she knows that by heart. She need not prove anything because she almost has everything! I guess it's really hard to be beautiful, huh?