Jan 11, 2011

Top Host Company

My sister in law kept telling me to have my other blogs self hosted. It took her a lot of convincing and it took me a lot of time to understand the process of web hosting. Finally, I agreed as long as it is with someone that I could trust. So far, I didn't encounter any problem and I've benefited a lot when I decided to have my blogs self hosted. I got more interested in web hosting that a friend of mine was asking me about it. She got interested when I told her what I get from self hosted blogs and she told me about bluehost reviews that she found online. I went there to read it myself. My friend said it offers everything she needs and it answers her questions right away as this server is accommodating their customers 24/7. And once registered, she can have free and unlimited domains with free setup. A lot of customers are satisfied with their services so there's nothing to worry as this company wants to meet their customer's satisfaction. They even have a promo now! So, if you're interested, I suggest you go to their site and try it!