Jan 11, 2011

Moody Tuesday

I am so not in the mood today. I woke up very early today and prepared breakfast. Supposedly, I paid somebody to do this thing for me but she kept coming late. I've 2 kids to take care of and I definitely lack some sleep. I paid someone to do other job at home at a very high price but I was left doing most of the things that she should do. Worst, she came in to say that she will end her work tomorrow. I refused. Who's the boss? Okay, I let her go but I should be the one who will tell her when. Told her she can't leave tomorrow but on a weekend only, or else, she won't receive a penny from us. I'm tired of this situation but it's life. I've never been lucky hiring someone who is willing to stay longer. If I found one, she would get sick or her husband's been abusing her...sigh.. But I'll not stop wishing... I still wish to find someone who will love her work her at home and at least last for a year or 2...