Jan 19, 2011


I just came from a friend's facebook account and I saw her shoutouts condemning her hubby's mistress. She even posted a picture of the girl who was 20 years older than her hubby. She's a doctor, my friend said, and rich while her husband is poor. I don't really like people who showed their dirty linens at home but I can also understand my friend. She was deranged, depressed and felt like a loser. Her only vengeance is to post the picture of the mistress and share her angst over her shattered marriage. She was losing hope but I tried to console her. I know I was not in the right position but reading her shoutouts made me understand that she needs someone to comfort her, too. She said she had been crying for days now. I wish I could be there physically for her to offer my shoulder but she's a plane away from our place. My only prayer is that her marriage will be fixed and try to renew their vows and commit themselves as parents to their kids.