May 14, 2010

Grey's Anatomy Season Finale for 2010

I missed a lot of Grey's Anatomy episodes. I used to watch this show before and got me so hooked. But when I started missing out some episodes, I've finally decided to stop watching. Now, I've just heard about their Season Finale for 2010. I am actually curious what will happen in the end, so, I guess I'll have to see the episodes I missed to catch up with the story, huh...

But one thing is for sure, for next season of Grey's Anatomy, there will be no more Dr. Isobel "Izzy" Stevens. Katherine Heigl announced that she's done with G.A. and will now focus on her family and perhaps, movie (?). I will surely missed her character. But everybody must moved on. I still wish for the success of this show. Anyway, McDreamy and McSteamy are still there, right?

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