May 2, 2010

Whitney Houston Struggles to Sing her Own Song

I used to be a big fan of Whitney Houston. Even with my limited voice range, I tried to imitate her and sing her songs. She was good in popularizing old songs and turned them into top hits. She was also humble and showed love to her mother. Until she got married and stay out of the limelight. I was surprised to hear later that she had problems with drugs and that the culprit was her husband. How could he had abused and used her? Poor Whitney. She used to be such a spirited girl. She was even a member of the choir before but her husband brought doom to her life and career. Now, she's struggling to sing her own songs. Her voice range is not what it used to be anymore. Her soprano won't come out and she always ran out of breath.

I saw her videos and I posted one below. She was struggling and croaked her voice many times and even stopped in between maybe to take a deep breath and get some air. It was reported that a lot were outraged during her concert but some were still concerned about her. But as I've watched her video, I wasn't mad at her. I pity her yet I still love her. I guess what she went through in her married life was terribly awful and now she's trying her best to restore her life and career. It may not be the same anymore but I will always love her and the music she shared to us. I wish she will be given a chance. She was not even notorious like some of the singers-gone-wild these days. She just fell in love and got married to a wrong person. And I'm so glad she finally left her husband. And despite everything, I say that I am still a big fan of hers...