May 20, 2010

Megan Fox Out In Transformer 3

So, Megan Fox is out of Transformer 3, eh? Some speculated that she was axed from the 3rd installment after she made harsh comments to the movie's director, Michael Bay, by comparing him to Hitler. Her rep said otherwise that it was Fox's decision to dropped out on the 3rd film.

Michael Bay, however, dismissed any of the rumor but instead said that it would be good for the film's main character, played by Shia LaBeouf, not to have any romantic interest in the movie so that he can focus in his heroic deed.

True or not, such a waste for Megan Fox. T3 gave her the biggest break ever. If not for this film, maybe until now she would still be an unknown trying hard starlet. I just hope that whatever is her plan, she will succeed. But if it is true that she became swellheaded, then good luck. It takes a long way to be in the same league with Angelina Jolie.



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Transformer...!! my son likes it much !