May 20, 2010

Ponder, Ponder...

I've been pondering over some things lately. I was also having some self-introspection and how well I fared these days. Looking back, I thought of my joyous and lowest moments in life. I think I remember mostly the sad part but I'm glad I made it through after all these years. So, I guess I can say that I'm a survivor. There are things that I don't wanna dwell or go back but can't help thinking about it. But I think it made me what I am today if not for those experiences. Some things happen in my life because I let somebody dictate me, some were because of my own decision. Some things I've regretted it and hope to turn back time and restore it. But I guess some things were just meant to be. So, I guess I'll just leave my fate as it is or if I want to achieve my ambition, then I guess now is the time for me to listen to myself and make my own path. I dunno. It's kind of confusing.

But I think I'll just be thankful for the day and savor the moment and let this kind of feeling passed me by. Perhaps I should try to be more positive or look for a new beginning and be grateful that I am still lucky compared to others...



Good pondering and nice conclusion..