May 7, 2010

Proctor and Gamble Pampers Recall?

Proctor and Gamble have a bad day today as it is reported that some of the parents are not satisfied with their Dry Max Pampers. It is said that aside from giving babies diaper rash and skin irritation, the diaper also causes chemical burns. If this is true, then Proctor and Gamble should do something about it. Apparently, there is no diaper recall yet but parents who are concern about the safety of their babies and experienced such dilemma are encouraged to call and report their complains to the Product Safety Commission.

As per experienced, I've been changing from one diaper to another as my baby's skin is sensitive. I frequently changed diapers, too, because I believe that diapers should not be used for a longer period. It's hot for the babies and once peed by them, I'll throw it right away and get a new one. I know it's kinda expensive but buying medication and sending my baby to the hospital because of infection from diaper is more expensive. I'd rather spend a few bucks just to give my baby a good and proper hygiene.