May 3, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 3 - May 7 is Teacher's Appreciation Week. I would like to greet all the teachers (former, present and future) a Happy Teacher's Week! Teachers are a big part of lives. They taught us a lot of things, let us know and understand new things and new discoveries. They help instilled their knowledge unto us and for that, I shall be forever grateful to them.

Teachers deserved to be appreciated for all their hard works, their time and effort and a lot of patience that they gave to their students. We should give thanks to our teachers because we won't be where we are now not if it were not for them. Although not all of them met our expectations, at least some of them taught us well and molded us into a better person. So, to all my teachers, thank you very much for everything!

I am thanking also my daughter's teachers for the guidance, love, discipline and knowledge you have bestowed to her. She performed in her class so well and that's all thanks to you.

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