Nov 20, 2010

Eva Longoria Divorced Player Hubby

What's not surprising to Hollywood stars these days are when they decided to get married and divorced in a short span of time. Seriously, it's considered a miracle if they survived 10 years as husband and wife. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who were once tagged as power couple, had their marriage lasted for 11 years and that was already a miracle (Katie Holmes, bite your tongue)! Recently, Eva Longoria's split with hubby Tony Parker was all over the net. I even had a magazine about them when they tied the knot 3 years ago. It was an extravagant affair and everybody seemed happy. But a few months later, I remember a news about Eva's hubby having an affair resurfaced. Eva stood by her man. But what's this news recently that her hubby's actually having an affair of his teammate's wife?! Bah!!! Such a bad ass! And this news was just like normal for everybody. Aren't they embarrassed of that these adulterers doing? I know it takes two to tango but still I pity Eva as she's the abused part in this scenario. After defending and stood by her man, perhaps she finally woke up and got fed up that even though it broke her heart, she must let him go. I hope Eva will have her sweet revenge soon, how's that? ;-)