Nov 11, 2010

I Won't Be There

I just hope some people will be a little bit sensitive. You see, I value friendship and whatever that is entrusted to me will be treasured always. I always offer my ear when they wanted something to tell me. In short, I'm ready to help. The only thing that I cannot give right away is when it comes to money matters unless I have some because I don't have that much.

What I'm telling here actually is when it's my turn to ask for a person's time to hear my woes, I can't find them. Or, it turned out that they are on their own, minding their world. Worst, they've done things that I am not included. That, I despised and I always think of a payback time. I've helped some of them, even wasting my time to help them and look for ways that they won't be in so much trouble anymore. Now, I've learned several things. I plan to play it safe next time. Perhaps I'll mind my own business without including those people who are taking my advantage. I am this sensitive and I hope those people will get what they deserve next time. And if worst will come to them, I won't be there.