Nov 14, 2010

Leave Some Privacy

Just visited my Facebook account. I love this social network as I can reach out and search for my long lost friends..and they can find me there, too. It's nice to update one another and where we are right now. For some, they made it as their venue for business. Hmmm, quite risky for me to do it. Perhaps one of these days, there will be tax payment online..

But what I don't like to see in Facebook is when people use it to bicker or backbite others. I can't help but read it as it is the first thing I see everytime I opened my account. And what I hated the most is when a couple announced their dirty linens at home. Should they make it more private? Should they really share it for everybody to read and comment? That's why I don't waste my time leaving comments on their shoutouts because I find it so obnoxious and intruding and I don't want to side with anybody. I just hope these people leave some privacy on their lives. What they do is just telling everybody what kind of person they are. It reflects their personality. I guess it's really better for them to just keep quite and leave some reservations for themselves.