Nov 24, 2010

Irritating Neighbor

Our neighbor is starting to irritate me. Although we live less than a year in our place, neighbors should at least respect our property. This rich neighbor of ours are so used to place their garbage in our area and they really have the nerve to just leave it there! WT-H! Are they so used in stepping somebody else's shoes? I don't give a damn if they're a relative or not. The mere fact that this is our property already and we obviously have a borderline, I don't think they have every right to just put their trash in our area. They should be embarrassed but it seems that they're so thick they won't even bother to think about it. If I can't take it any longer or if I can't control my temper anymore, they will really have a word from me. Their cleaning boys and ladies are stupid enough to follow orders from their boss and this annoys me so much!