May 24, 2009

Carrot Health Soap

I've mentioned before that I have a sensitive skin but lately, I've been using carrot health soap. So far, it had helped me with my dry skin. I think what I need this time is how I will deal with the scar on my face caused by the zit.

What’s in a carrot?

Carrot essential oil is an expensive ingredient derived from pure carrot extracts. It is an unparalled source of anti-oxidants in concentration and potency, containing over 600 carotenoids known to man. It is rich in beta-carotene, as well as vitamins B, C, D and E.

Traditional aromatherapy references indicate that carrot oil has been used for the treatment of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles, and helped in maintaining good circulation and skin elasticity.

It improves the complexion by removing toxic build-up in the skin, stimulating collagen formation, healing wounds, and normalizing sun damage.