May 26, 2009

Android Storage

I've always wished that my phone could store lots of music, images or videos. I ended up deleting my other files than to have my phone run out of space. If you experienced the same, there's great news for us. Google Android phone services is coming out soon! It contains 2 gigabytes of FREE music, video, and image storage for your android compatible phone.

My phone can store music but it's only limited. I was also apprehensive in buying an iPod as I don't want to bring lots of gadgets in my bag. With Android Storage, I don't need a lot of things anymore as it makes my entire music collection mobile! One of their applications, AStunes, is very interesting. It makes ALL of your music available for playing without the need to store it on your phone, continuous play feature keeps the music going on and on, shuffle feature mixes up your tunes for your listening pleasure, "Refresh" feature syncs your phone to the latest MP3 list in your android storage account, song buffering allows your music to stream and play seamlessly and full start and stop control with the AStunes player.

The site and video is not yet launched or complete, but will be in the next couple days. And don't you know that 350 million users are expected to use the Android phone platform in the US and UK? Plus the services and apps will be available to 300 million Chinese at