May 19, 2009

Monthly Visitors

I had it again! I hate my zit! I usually have it when my period is nearing. It could also happen during or after my red flag day. Darn it! But there's nothing I can do unless, of course, I'll go to my dermatologist and have it fixed. But I've no time to do that today, not even tomorrow or the coming days because I will be totally busy!

My skin is super sensitive. In fact, it's kind of oily in the inner part of my face and dry on the outer part. If ever I am going to use a soap, I have to make sure it suits to my type of skin. But no matter how careful I was, I can't control my zits! I guess it's hormonal because it usually appears on the week of my scheduled period. But this don't happen to me years ago!!! Oh well, I guess I need to do other means by sleeping early at night and try not to eat fatty foods. Any helpful suggestions out there?