May 16, 2009

New Show For Kids

Do you have kids that keep on asking a lot of questions? Kids are usually curious about their surroundings but admit it, we cannot always give them the exact answers to their questions. Great news is that a great new show will premiere on June 23 entitled, Kids FAQ. In this show, there's Mr. Example and his pal, Rodney, to answer the really crazy, tough questions from the kids.

Kids FAQ are also looking for kids ages 4-9 to ask their toughest questions. Let the kids get their mom or dad to print the permission slip, then send to them a webcam video with the question or email webcam auditions to KIDSFAQ@ME.COM.

If they pick your question and use it on the show, your kid will get a $50 gift card to Toys R Us. They will even send a gift card for the same amount to a kid in need at Saint Judes Children's Hospital. Don't you think that's pretty cool?

You can also visit their site and look for some entertaining games like Hangaroo2, Alphattack, Sandman and Club Penguin that I'm sure your kids will surely love to play. You can also see Mr. Example's blog and view some of their pictures. Check it out now!