May 31, 2009

My Opinion on Scandal

Videos are meant to be watched - well, that is, according to my opinion. They are for the consumption of the eyes, so to speak. People don't seem to stop talking about the sex scandal brouhaha these days that involves a doctor, a celebrity, and yadda-yadda-yada. If nobody took a video, then this thing would not come out in the first place. And if nobody ever consented doing a coitus act or stole somebody else's boyfriend, shame would at least be minimized. However, these things had happened and jeopardized everyone involved.

But the issue here is that the women in the video were not aware that they were secretly filmed by a psycho-sexual-hungry doctor doing their acrobatic acts. I plead guilty here of having been able to watch the video out of curiosity (ugh!) but it was really so sickening that I didn't finish it. Now, I just can't imagine all the humiliations, embarrassment all those women will go thru.

But I pity, most of all, the parents of the people involved. I believe it's also unbearable on the parent's part after knowing the kind of mess their kids went into. It's humiliating, disgusting and insulting. But then, despite all these, even at worst moments in their lives, the parents were still there, supporting them rather than abandoning them. I salute their parents for doing so but hope this time, they will be guided (or disciplined?) properly. These rebellious "kids" should now listen and take heed to what their parents tell them in order to save them.

And I hope that the politicians will not ride on this issue, too, and use this for the coming election. Honestly, they disgust me. Even funny when one politician called the doctor a pervert when he himself is not clean knowing the fact that he kept a mistress before and strings of women and even impregnated one. What I'm saying is let's not be too judgmental but I hope a lot of people will learn something out from it. And I hope that the media will not anymore sensationalize the issue because it's now becoming a circus. They should now put an end to it and focus on another problem which the country need to address immediately.



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pepperoo! i agree with your thoughts on this post. indeed it is very insightful. and though i did not watch the videos (overload!) the thought of the whole media circus is indeed sickening. good thing, the issue is dying down. it's even become tired and repetitive...