May 7, 2009

Reader's Digest

I'm an avid reader of Reader's Digest. My grandfather was a subscriber of Reader's Digest and my mother and uncles inherited his fondness of this book. My mom influenced me on it by at first, gifted me with a 1-year subscription. And so, for the straight 3 years, I've been a subscriber and I always look forward on the next month's issue.

I love Laughter the Best Medicine, Life's Like That and most especially their Book Bonus or Featured Article because it is based on a real life story. Actually, I love all their entries and that also includes Facts and Dear Aunty. I learned a lot from Facts, too, and even answered my simple question like why is W called as "double u" when it looks like "double v"? It said in there that the earliest form for w was probably uu that was used by scribes in the 17th century. But years later, early printers sometimes used vv for the lack of a w in their type but the pronunciation stuck around til now (January 2009 issue).

What's interesting also is that they include Sudoku Puzzle that I love to answer. It makes my brain work! Their vocabulary helped me understand how to use a certain word in a sentence. It really helped me a lot.