Jun 12, 2009

Cough It Out!

I suffered a head cold and a sore throat a week ago and it really hurts to swallow. I also felt my nodes at both sides of my neck and I thought I was going to have a fever, too. Or perhaps I was on the road of acquiring influenza virus already. I didn't have a cough yet but my throat was itchy the next few days. I didn't drink any medicine at first but later decided to drink Loviscol. It was, after all, my cough medicine since I was young. And lo and behold, in just one dose, the sore, the itchiness of my throat disappeared! And getting plenty of rests helped, too! I didn't have a fever and now, I can say that I'm as healthy as a horse, hehehe :D



This is my cough medicine too :) Thanks for sharing.