Jun 25, 2009

What's Going On?

I have different sets of friends and I am blessed to have them. Although they have different type of personalities, I still learned something from them. I believe that even at their worst, they always possessed a very kind spirit. What I'm telling here is that even some of my friends have some kind of weird temperament, they still possess a soft spot in their hearts.

But it's quite frustrating to see your old and very close friend's inconsistent attitude. Sometimes, I was greeted in high spirits but the next time we see each other, I felt I was not welcome at all - like avoiding me. I was greeted coldly like as if I've done something wrong. Hello, we rarely even see each other, so, what's up with the attitude, dude?

What I admire in a friend is their being true to themselves. I always have this motto that "I'd better have few friends than to have more friends and have more enemies". I appreciate frank and honest people no matter how blunt they were than having a friend who seemed to be nice but behind it, has two-faced and green-eyed monster personality. I can't stand being with people full of negative things to say, too, when we can say a lot of positive things.

But thank goodness I still have my few treasured friends with intact values. They may be near or far yet we've always maintained a friendship full of love, respect and honesty. These are the people I will forever keep and worthy to be called True Friends.



Pepperoo! maybe that friend has poor eyesight! i had that problem while walking down the road, and someone was smiling in such a friendly manner... i was just pouting, going about my business. and then the friend accosted me - until i realized it was her! lol,, if she hadn't called my attention, she would've mistook my "snub" as something personal. it was actually something optical lol... or maybe your friend has a great big problem... sorry, so affected by this post. lol, glad that we are good friends :D :D un beso!


hello hikarensan..yeah, i hope it was that way. however, that was not the first time it happened yet I didn't give up on our friendship. We were close and could talk anything under the sun. That was why twas kind of weird when my friend sometimes gave me a cold shoulder. Until now, I still tried reaching out to my friend and always the first one to do the move. Guess my friend is a bit weird :D


I am sure that this friend of yours will eventually come around. Cheer up Pepper, life is beautiful!