Jun 21, 2009

Mind My Own Business

I've been blogging for quite sometime and so far it's been great. I met new friends and learned new things apart from expressing my opinion in my 'virtual diary'. My main purpose in blogging is to share my personal opinion and not to attack on anybody or violate somebody else's right. (Grabbing opps is a bonus, by the way ;)). I'm a friendly, flexible and casual blogger, you know, hehehe.

I've visited some blogs lately and I found out that they were bickering over some petty things. But then, I've realized that theirs was none of my business, so I hopped to another blog. There, I found some interesting issue - Plagiarism, hmmm. It was indeed not good to copy somebody else's work especially if it was a paid blog. What was the other one thinking? Thought everything would be settled with both sides making peace and make amends but guess it did not happen that way. It worsened. Anyway, I wish them luck. Again, it was none of my business but the topic there was really interesting, huh ;)

Sometimes, I can't help but wonder that if ever I met some bloggers in person, will they like me (or despise me)? Will we click? Will we get along? Some people were really nice but were they transparent or was it just a facade? And do some people use blogging just to be popular to the point that they violated other people's rights?

I can't help but also think that maybe, some of the bloggers were able to copy posts from other bloggers because they wanted to submit their "many" opportunities on time. I guess this is what happen to some bloggers with high PR (?) because they are pressured to maintain their rank in order to grab more opps. Well, this is just my 2 cents worth of wild guessing - but actually part of my quintessential questions.

Anyway, we actually know what we are up to in blogging, right? I just hope we'll be responsible enough of the consequences if ever we erred other people just because of our own personal interest. But this is actually way beyond my control, so what was I thinking? So, I guess it's best that I'll just have to mind my own business here :p