Jun 15, 2009

Family First!

Family is my very first priority. That's why I always prefer to go out with my family rather than spending time away from them. Or I'd rather stay home with them and have some fun. Some of my friends before thought I was quite hard to reach because I used to decline their invitation. I later told them that the truth behind was, I just can't stand to be away from my family for a long time. But if there was an activity that involved my family, you could really see me there.

Well, if you have an attitude like mine, there's an interesting news for you. Because by only writing a post about Fun Family Events, you get a chance to win $1000!

This is open to parents around the US. All you have to do is install the ParentsConnect.com widget, and then you'd be able to update with upcoming events and activities. Anyone who visits your page can then type a zip code into the widget to see what's going on in that area! If your blog gets the most views, you get the chance to win $1000. I have mine installed and you can see it at my sidebar. Join the fun, too!