Jun 5, 2009

Mr. Google

I was blog-hopping a week ago and I 'saw' some bloggers so ecstatic to have their page ranked by Mr. Google. I was happy with them, too, even though mine was a Big flat zero. Didn't hurt at all and wasn't even bothered about it. But other fellow bloggers were sad, too, because from PR 2 or 3, it went down to zero. Perhaps they really put a heart on it, huh? Especially that this blogging thing served as their means to earn a living. I can't blame them because the higher the Page Rank, the more opportunities will be opened by the advertisers.

Well, I am just too glad that blogging is more of a hobby for me but of course, earning out from it is a big bonus, too. I would be very hypocrite to deny it the mere fact that some of my posts here were paid.

Anyway, I was once chatting to a blogger friend and she shared to me her sentiments. She was telling her husband that one of her blogs with PR was not ranked by Mr. G anymore. Hoping to get a good advice, her husband instead told her to post a provocative picture of her in the blog. That way, more viewers will go to her site and will make Mr. G finally noticed it, lol. Her husband was just joking, though, but who knows, it might be true, haha!

Well, kidding aside, I actually don't quite understand how this rating thing worked. I've seen other blogs with lots of badges but still they got a strong PR of 3. Because some bloggers insinuated that putting lots of badges is a big No-no to Google and that's the reason why they gave a zero PR. Some even suggested to join a community like entrecard, bloglog, technorati, etc, to increase traffic however, there were several blogs with PR2/PR4 without even joining a community. Some said it might be how you wrote a story in your blog or how good you are in English, but I tell you, there are lots of non-English speaking bloggers out there but still with great PRs! So, all I can say is, it's really up to Mr. Google if they like your blog.

And so, I salute to all of you who got great PR's from Mr. Google. It means to say that you passed their standards ;-)