Sep 18, 2010

Bad Card

Piece of advice, if you own a credit card, be responsible! That's what I kept on telling my husband. I told him not to over spend it because this brings a mess into our lives. We've been bickering about that before because he had 4 credit cards already, now, he's trying to cut out the other two and spend less about it. It can really bring trouble, you know because he will end up paying the cards every time he receive a bonus from his work. He has learn his lesson anyway and I'm now crossing my fingers that he won't be tempted to purchase another card. For me, it's the root of all evil especially if you don't know how to balance or wise enough to spend it. I'm glad I'm not the kind of wife that goes on a shopping spree like as if there's no tomorrow. I'm really trying hard to save and set aside money. I remember my late dad used to tell me to save my money for the rainy days. Now, I do understand it better.