Sep 21, 2010

Life of a SAHM

I was trying to finish reading the books that I borrowed but I had a hard time doing so. I lack sleep. And when I had the urged to read it, I ended up getting drowsy and finally go to dreamland. I hope my friend will not mind it if it took me awhile to returned it to her. I easily get tired after taking care of my kids and our house since I don't have somebody to assist me at home. My baby is sometimes cranky that I've to take care of her first before anything else. My other kid is a grade schooler that needs to be assisted, too. Only when my kid went to school and my baby fell asleep do I find a leisure time to take care of the house, take a bath, blog and or the book. Life of a stay at home mom is really not that easy. It's a challenging one but tiresome also. But overall, it's a fulfilling one because I get to take care of my family especially my little ones...