Sep 16, 2010

Taylor Swift Mania

It's been a year ago that Taylor Swift was lambasted by Kanye West on the stage at the MTV award. Eversince, West was not forgiven by the fans and other people who watched the show for his arrogance, ignorance and bad manners even though he asked for an apology many times.

In his blog, West said that he has paid his price very well because advertisers closed on him, he had low sales tickets for his concert that he decided to cancel it and he was not able to renew his contract to the company of the product that he endorses. He was indeed a sore loser last year that even Barack Obama (they say) was heard calling him a jackass. Well, I guess he really paid the price the hard way. As for Taylor Swift? Well, she's been enjoying the success of her album, concerts and tours everywhere. She gained a lot of followers (that includes me) and her popularity is unstoppable. She's even seen at the movie and has released new songs, too. So, way to go Taylor!