Sep 21, 2010

Window Blinds

We have plenty of windows in our new place and we really have to use plenty of curtains. In our dining area, there's also a decorative blocks with holes on it. Although it gives air to our house, we also lack a little privacy because we can be seen outside. Putting up a curtain won't look that good that we thought it's best if we use Window blinds. But we have to look in a store for the correct size of the blinds because we need something that it's high and wide in measurement. This time, I look at the internet and one site offered blinds with different specification and styles. There's a roller, roman, venetian, vertical and wooden kinds of blinds that I can choose from. What attract me most are their 50% off on their made to measure blinds and all their wooden blinds costs only half the price! They measure and install the blinds, I can also book a home visit, they have free samples and they deliver and also return because they are after of the customer satisfaction. If you're also interested, try to take a peek at their site and browse for their inspirational look on their blinds.



Your blog is really nice and interesting, Made to measure blinds offers better insulation and give a 'quality feel'.

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