Sep 24, 2010

Katy Perry Pulled Out in Sesame Street

I found this video at yahoo and shared it here. Katy Perry should have appeared in one of the episodes of Sesame Street but parents were outraged when they saw the 2-1/2-minute appearance of Katy Perry. Parents were complaining on her provocative clothes she was wearing and they protested over it. Sesame Street is for kids, they say, but the producer said they were also targeting adult audience as well. But since they also listen to the parents' concern, they decided to pull out the video but can be viewed online. But they say that if we look closer, we can see that Katie Perry is using a skin-toned type of outfit. However, in my opinion, Perry's guesting was okay but she should have been made to wear a better and appropriate outfit, or at least, she could have worn something that would cover her chest. No matter what the producers say, Sesame Street is a show for kids. I've watched this show when I was small and my kids watch it now -- but I don't anymore.