Sep 12, 2010

World Trade Center (9/11)

It was 9 years ago that this terrible incident happened at New York City. Almost everybody watched with horror and full of anguished as the great World Trade Center collapsed to the ground. It was horrible, too, that planes has to crushed to destroy the building and plenty of innocent lives were burned, buried and died.

I remember watching this via CNN and how this gave me goosebumps. I was not able to sleep well at night and thought of the many lives that died and horrified they must have been seeing and experiencing the worst nightmare in their lives. Not only was the WTC was crushed that day as another plane tempted to land the the pentagon and the other one was destroyed before it could reach the white house. Those people on the plane sacrificed themselves to save others... how sad...

Now, let us commemorate and honor this day to all victims of 9/11 attack. Let us also pray that the family of the victims that they have moved on and know that a lot of people are praying for the family members that they've lost and missed. We also honor those who survived but lost parts of their body or left them miserable from the experience. And most of all, we pray for peace and love for all countries and let hatred be gone from their hearts. (click image for source)