Sep 29, 2010

I Love Smallville

I have mentioned in my previous post that I am a big fan of Smallville. I have watched all episodes from seasons 1 - 8. I am currently trying to finish season 9 so that I can watch season 10. Huh? Yeah, it took me a long time to finish season 9 because I got so busy and I had a hard time finishing it. But actually, one of the reasons was that I miss Kristen Kreuk's presence as the beautiful Lana Lang. Yeah, of course I have to understand that Superman ended up with Lois Lane. It's just that in Smallville, it was quite different. I've watched Clark and Lana's love story from the very start and how cute they look. They have a very strong chemistry and erasing Lana from Clark's life is quite difficult for me, too, hehehe. This is the only show that I never wanted Superman ends up with Lois, haha. Perhaps the actors played so well and I was so compelled with their acting.

Another thing that turns me off a little in season 9 was when Clark's best friend, Chloe, gained super powers (!). Come on, she was only CK's sidekick and now with this super-power thing where she can even decipher codes?! It was quite a joke--really. Thankfully, with Lana Lang out, the hunky Green Arrow/Oliver Queen's character was being stretched. He's so hot, hot hot! At least it gives light to the now --how do I call this -- almost boring show. And despite being a villain, I kinda miss Lex Luthor's presence. The actor who played as Lex was really good. The new villain, Tess Mercer, who replaced him was a far cry from his acting. I wish they will kill her at the end of season 9 but I guess it won't happen that way. Despite all this, I am still eager to finish the season and watch season 10 til it ends...