Sep 18, 2010

Facebook Shoutouts

I kinda like facebook. I was able to connect with my long lost friends in this social network and get updated with their lives. Everything's there, too. I can chat or exchange ideas with them, there's also lots of application available that others can enjoy playing during their monotonous moment (although I don't know any games) and I can see some pictures of my friends that I want to see, too. However, there are some people spilling their dirty linens at the site. Some were bickering because the shoutout that they posted were offensive. I think that's one of the downside that I don't like to know or read... I admit it may be interesting to read but in the end it got me to think that their posts won't do any good. I try not to post a comment, too, as not to encourage them or give any unsolicited advice. I hope these people would think of other good things to do than looking for trouble. I find others pathetic in telling the whole world the problem of their spouse. Things like that are private because in the end, you're still the loser and the laughing stock - that's my opinion. I hope people having account in any social network should be responsible enough to post anything in their wall because that's for their own good anyway...