Sep 1, 2010

No Connection

Our internet connection was down for several days and that really pissed me off. It's usually thru the net that I read news and updates of what's going on around our country and the world. I'm a kind of person who doesn't watch much on TV but would love to know some issues thru the net. It's more current and detailed but with our connection not fixed by our internet provider right away turned me quite agitated. Of course I've to check my updates, too, in my social network and I've been missing in action for almost a week. Anyway, glad it's back right now. We really demanded that they fixed it and the internet provider apologized and promised us for an adjustment in our billing - ha! They'd better mark their word. Well, today's another day and here I am already blogging what's on my mind and I feel good about it. I guess that's all that matters for now...